A delegation from the US should be arriving in Malta in the coming weeks after the Malta police offered its assistance in the case regarding the alleged breach of sanctions by Pilatus Bank chairman Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad.

Mr Sadr was arrested by US authorities in New York and charged with secretly funneling $115 million through the US banking system, circumventing the country's sanctions against Iran.

Earlier today, Mr Ali Sadr was ordered to step down by Malta's financial regulator.

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The police said in a statement this evening that it contacted the American authorities on the case on Wednesday and established that no Maltese entities or people were involved in the breach of sanctions and no transaction had passed through Malta.

The Malta police were not involved or informed by the American authorities of the arrest but the police, together with the Maltese judicial authorities, offered the US authorities their assistance.

The police said they were committed to investigate all breaches of the law on Maltese territory and to assist all foreign authorities that requested such assistance, and this according to law.

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