The future is uncertain and crystal-ball predictions are only the stuff of fairy tales.

But in business circles, some companies are capable of identifying future trends with strong potential and then riding them to success.

One such company is Business Concept International plc (BCI).

An all-round financial services company, BCI is the parent company of a group offering a wide portfolio of services to local and foreign clients. Ranging from corporate services to accounting and assurance, as well as administration and support services, the group provides tailor-made services to every client. Despite being a young company – having been around for only five years – BCI is already a mature business with over 500 clients across the world and 17 companies and brands under its mantle.

“Internally, the focus was getting more revenues from existing clients by cross-selling services such as administration, accounting, audit and other related services, however, while leaving all companies independent,” says BCI’s chairman and founder Adrian Sciberras.

“We have also empowered the right employees to lead key areas and team members, which resulted in positive attitudes, excellent customer service, and help build personal relationships with customers resulting in trust and continuous recommendations.”

Mr Sciberras is an entrepreneur and certified public accountant with many years of experience in helping clients achieve business success by helping them to establish practical and sound tax and financial processes. His extensive accounting services experience and expertise in individual, corporate, auditing and tax reporting has proved invaluable over the years.

But running a successful group of companies like BCI needs teamwork, even at the top. Mr Sciberras is ably assisted by directors Charlene Sciberras and William Van Buren. The group’s current principal leads are for corporate services provided by Fairwinds Management Limited, but the group has been able to internalise subsequent referrals to other group players, up-selling a suite of ancillary services such as bookkeeping, administration, taxation and audit. BCI also has its eyes set firmly on the future and intends to raise money to sustain its upcoming projects.

At BCI, the future holds plenty of promises. For more information visit