Life in vineyards seems to roll on, year in year out, at Mother Nature's slow and relaxed rhythm that slip-slides behind the frantic speed in our cities where time feels to tick us by in a New York minute, speedier than anywhere else on Earth.

Although inconspicuous to the eye of city dwellers, there are many changes that take place throughout the yearly cycle of a vine.

Once the plants awaken from their dormant stage, viticulturists will get busy again guiding the vines along the right path for the growing and ripening of quality grapes which the skilful winemaker shall turn into quality wine.

The pace at the winery, too, follows nature's beat and picks up when the calm winter peace in the fermentation hall gets disturbed by the bottling of the new wine. Eventually the upbeat cadence of the destemmer and press, squeezing ripe grapes into fresh juice in summer, will turn every cellar hand's attention to the arrival of the new vintage.

The Delicata winery is capturing these remarkable sights and sounds, the moments and highlights that define the character of a fine wine in a series of short documentaries of about 60 seconds each.

The first feature, It-Taħwil, shows where it all begins, in the Maltese countryside with the planting of a new vineyard.

Georges Meekers is Delicata’s head of sales and an award-winning wine writer.



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