The two co-CEOs of Ganapati Group’s G8C issuing company, GanaEight Coin Limited, met with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who expressed his interest in the company’s ICO as Malta continues to promote itself firmly as the blockchain island.

The co-CEOs of GanaEight Coin Limited, the legal entity which will issue G8C, met with Dr Muscat in Tokyo during his recent visit to Japan. The company gave Dr Muscat an overview of the Ganapati Group, its ICO and the features and merits of its own blockchain online casino platform – as well as an explanation of how the group secures such talented personnel.

The legislative progress in Malta has made it the country of first choice in which to establish the new ICO. Based on such a solid foundation, business in Malta surely will expand exponentially and imminently, they said.

Dr Muscat welcomed G8C to Malta and assured Ganapati full support. He also expressed appreciation for the appointment of Japanese and Maltese lawyers as co-CEOs in order to ensure compliance with the laws of the pertinent countries. He outlined that Malta – being the issuing country of G8C – has become a successful example of ICO development.

Dr Muscat showed his admiration for the company’s development of an online casino plat- form based on proprietary blockchains that blend IT technology, finance knowledge and Japanese content with the experience and expertise in the online casino industry.

Dr Muscat’s backing signifies a huge step forward towards the success of Ganapati’s ICO.


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