EU statistics issued on Thursday yet again confirmed Malta as the country with the highest prices for petrol and diesel, Ryan Callus, the Opposition’s spokesman for Energy said.

He said in a statement the people were paying the highest prices because of the government’s incompetence.

He noted that days ago, the party had appealed to the government to reduce the price of fuel by 30c per litre but it was ignored.

At a time when the people were suffering from a reduced income, people were working fewer hours, jobs were being lost, and bars and restaurants were empty, the government was choosing to make someone rich from the sale of fuel to the detriment of the people.

Callus said the PN was again appealing for a 30c per litre reduction for the people to at least have €15 a week in their pockets.

At this time, when families were returning to work, their fuel expense had increased due to political incompetence but the people should not have to pay for this.

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