Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia today told supporters that the party had a duty to once again win back people’s trust and respect.

Addressing a political activity in Balzan, Dr Delia vowed to show how a positive Opposition could be effective in improving people’s lives. The PN had to show it had a vision about how to create a better Malta, Dr Delia said.

If a corrupt government was capable of creating wealth, a clean government could give Malta back to the Maltese, once against instilling hope and creating opportunities for the young, he said.

He warned that the PN had no divine right to govern, and vowed that the party would be setting its own agenda.

Dr Delia said the PN was a party with its own ideas and vision. It would no longer be a party that merely followed and reacted, he said.

He spoke of the need for the PN to speak with a unified voice and with clear direction. Everyone had to contribute towards this, he said.

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Dr Delia played down talk of dissent within the party. He said it was only natural that people would be concerned or sceptical after a change in leadership.

He said different opinions would be listened to, as the PN was not a totalitarian party, which commanded from the top.

The PN’s seats in Parliament were owned by the people, not by the MPs occupying them, he said.

Dr Delia said the PN could move forward if it had the courage and humility to recognise past mistakes.

People who had long been isolated from the PN were returning, he said.

The PN leader vowed to not only invite those who had left the party to come back, but to physically knock on people’s doors to bring  them back.

Party will be more open about finances 

On the party’s finances, Dr Delia vowed to be more upfront with people.

He said the PN should be able to give an annual account about the state of its finances. People deserved to know where their money was going, he said.

Dr Delia said people were humbly contributing to the party, without any secret deals being formed. 

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