An Opposition MP who owns a company by the name of Hummingbird Properties Limited must come forward to declare his business links with Daphne Caruana Galiza murder suspect and 17 Black Owner Yorgen Fenech, government whip Glen Bedingfield said in parliament on Wednesday.

In a brief but highly-charged adjournment speech, the Labour MP lashed out at the Opposition for what he described as their “hypocritical attitude” and “double standards”.

He noted that for the past days the Opposition had been fueling hype on possible relationships which Labour MPs could have with Fenech. 

Bedingfield said the same questions should be raised among Opposition MPs. He claimed that a member of the PN parliamentary group owned a company by the name of Hummingbird Properties Limited, which he said in 2016 had signed an agreement with a company in which Fenech had interests.

Bedingfield questioned if this PN MP was still giving legal advice to any companies in which Fenech has or until recently had a direct involvement. 

He also hinted that this MP who he said had been recently appointed to lead one of the policy clusters launched by the party had a close relationship with Fenech.

“Which PN MP used to go to the Hilton begging for a room or a free membership at the pool, or to hold his birthday party there?” the government whip asked. 

While declining to divulge any names Bedingfield said he would be stopping there for the time being and leave other questions for the appropriate time.

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