Opposition leader Adrian Delia today said the Nationalist Party was not against government assistance for those seeking IVF treatment.

Speaking during an interview on Radio 101, Dr Delia said the Opposition was seeking amendment to a legal notice published by the government on the matter, as it was not consistent with the country’s laws.

He said without the PN amendments, the government would have been helping people to do something abroad which was illegal in Malta.

Dr Delia said the government was offering up to 100 hours of leave for people seeking IVF treatment abroad.

The Opposition’s motion received harsh criticism from the government, with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat saying its stance was “offensive”.

Dr Delia said the PN’s motion sought amendments to the procedures for such assistance, and had nothing to do with the person’s sex.

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He said the Opposition was neither in favour nor against such assistance at this point in time.

In an immediate reaction, the Labour Party said Dr Delia confirmed he wanted to discriminate against women seeking treatment abroad.

The PL said Dr Delia wanted to make life for these families more difficult than it already was.

Dr Delia said what the Opposition was merely seeking a discussion about the matter.

Delia questions government's long-term economic vision

Turning to tomorrow’s budget, Dr Delia argued that all the talk about strong economic growth needed to translate into fair wealth distribution.

He said there were still many people who struggled to make it to the end of the month of their pay cheque.

Dr Delia questioned what the government’s long-term vision for the country was.

He vowed that the Opposition would hold the government to account in implementing its two main functions, namely long-term economic planning and fair wealth distribution.

The Opposition leader stressed the need for a better work-life balance.

People should be able to live and work with dignity, rather than being slaves to their work.

On the government’s proposal for Parliamentary scrutiny of people given sensitive public roles, Dr Delia said the Opposition would be proposing a number of amendments.

The main amendment would be that potential appointees would have to appear before the Parliamentary committee in order to answer direct questions.

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