The Nationalist Party on Monday unveiled the three themes that it will be using as a basis when drafting its manifesto for the upcoming general election. 

The document, titled ‘An alternative government with vision: the common good at its centre’, is based on three horizontal themes covering 14 sectors and with a list of 128 priority areas that will define the party’s vision over the coming years.

Those themes are:

1. A socio-economic vision for Malta 2030
2. Human values in a modern society
3. Good governance 

PN leader Bernard Grech said the report will lead to a more detailed document that will show how the PN is an alternative government that the country needs. 

“The Nationalist Party believes in a strong economy with which workers can earn a decent living but at the same time an economy which preserves cultural heritage," he said.

"We believe in everyone’s individual capabilities. We are renewing the party and its policies because this party can take the country forward. We do not update our policies behind closed doors, but in a transparent process and with broad consultation,” Grech said. The PN leader was speaking during a press conference at Manoel Island.

“We are here to serve people so we have to develop our policies with the people. A PN government was always at the forefront of the country’s development but it cannot do it alone. That is why the party roped in a team to design the party’s policies for the future,” he added.   

Themes and clusters

Nationalist MP Claudio Grech, who has been entrusted with the party’s renewal process, said the document's three overarching themes will guide the party’s 14 policy clusters in their work to shape the socio-economic vision of the country, built on values and good governance in a framework of social dialogue with everyone who cares about the country’s advancement. 

These clusters include those focusing on quality of life, social wellbeing, the environment, an economy for tomorrow, and justice as well as a separate cluster focusing solely on Gozo. 

Claudio Grech said each cluster will be detailing its own policies and proposals in the coming weeks on the 128 priority areas that will define the party’s work not only as while in Opposition but also as an alternative government.

Asked about overdevelopment in Gozo, the party leader said that while development was necessary, abuse of this development was unacceptable. He said he was aware that Gozitan people were concerned that Gozo was losing its identity, its townscapes and its landscapes. He said the party would ensure that planning policies are updated and that overdevelopment would not be tolerated by a new PN government. 

Read the PN document in the PDF below

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