Support for the Nationalist Party is evaporating fast. What is going on in the PN? 

Ever since Eddie Fenech Adami decided to call it quits, all hell broke loose.

Frustration among supporters and members of the PN increased considerably these last few months, ever since Adrian Delia was chosen by a majority to lead the party when Simon Busuttil voluntarily decided to step down.

Prominent voices in the party are worried about an increasingly confrontational tone by Delia. This and other negative developments within the party over the last few days continue to poison an already shallow well of goodwill. This attitude has to be reversed.

The PN administrative council should create a climate that encourages it to pursue aconstructive relationship with their leader.

Quoting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, when he visited Malaysia a few weeks ago: “History will remember those who took the lead in the mist...” 

The surest way for this to happen is to forge a constructive dialogue between Delia and all Nationalist members of Parliament.

It is also imperative that all members of the parlia-mentary group put theirdifferences aside and tacklethe challenges facing them without any more waste of precious time.

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