The Labour government’s economic model to increase the population without any plan was having a bad effect on several sectors including the environment, transport, infrastructure and waste, PN deputy leader David Agius said.

Speaking during the presentation of the party’s proposals for the environment, Mr Agius said the State of the Environment report confirmed what the Nationalist Party had insisted upon in the environmental sector and showed that, while progress had been registered in biodiversity, other environmental sectors were in a bad state.

Environment spokesman Jason Azzopardi said the government did not have a long-term plan for the environment and this was being clearly seen in the negative results being acquired by the country.

Malta, he said, had been described by Euronews as "the dirty man of Europe" and the most recent statistics showed that the country was the worst in Europe in waste recycling and the fourth from the bottom in air quality. This was apart from the increase in the number of cars on the road.

MEP candidate Michael Briguglio said the PN would soon be announcing a series of concrete proposals in specific environmental sectors such as transport, pollution, land development and waste management.

The Nationalist Party would remain the voice of reason on environmental matters and through its MEPs and local councillors would promote a policy based on sustainable development.

The PN’s proposals were based on investment and better enforcement by the government, a greater involvement of the community, having an ecological public sector and ensuring the European Union catered for the needs of small islands.

New businesses would be given incentives in the circular economy and a fund would be set up for ecological innovations.

Residents would be given incentives to take part in ecological activities and academic opportunities at tertiary level for research, education and publications would be increased.

State buildings would be transformed to function in a carbonless manner and public sector development projects would have to be ecological.

There would also be better monitoring and reporting of environmental standards.

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