The driver of former President and Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami has passed away. 

The death of 65-year-old Charles Borg, Is-Sunnara, was announced by Nationalist MP Beppe Fenech Adami who said the family had lost “one of us”. 

He thanked Mr Borg for “walking all the way with us”.

Mr Borg flanked Eddie Fenech Adami at the most trying time, during the pre-1987 incidents and was at Tal-Barrani when the Nationalist Party had been prohibited from holding a mass meeting there. Supporters who gather there had been attacked by Labour thugs. 

He was Dr Fenech Adami's trusted aide and was the person who carried him shoulder-high through the crowd during the mass meetings. 

Mr Borg had been the go-between when Joseph Fenech, known as Zeppi l-Hafi, had wanted to come forward with information on the attempted murder of Dr Fenech Adami's personal assistant, Richard Cachia Caruana. 

He had organised a secret meeting between Dr Fenech Adami and Mr Fenech in St Julian's. Mr Fenech, who had been involved in the case, was then granted a presidential pardon to turn state's witness and testify in court. One suspect had pleaded guilty before the trial while the other was cleared of the charges.

MEP candidate Dione Borg saluted Mr Borg, who he said had given his life to the party.

“Thank you for your courage and loyalty,” he said. 

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