The Socialist government was not speaking on what affected Maltese and Gozitan families and it was now also avoiding Parliament by halting important debates, PN leader Adrian Delia said on Wednesday.

Speaking in Valletta, Dr Delia said his party was committed to improve families’ quality of life and to continue to defend life.

He said workers were not keeping up with the cost of living and the government was importing foreign workers without a plan, to the detriment of the wages of Maltese and Gozitans. He said the PN did not believe in classes and all types of work was important in society.

Dr Delia pointed out that Malta had the second highest rate of early school leavers and this was leading students not to acquire the necessary abilities to aim for high-paying jobs.

The human resource was the best resource and the PN would continue to invest in workers. The work life balance Labour boasted of, he said, had been acquired through the work of MEP David Casa in the European Parliament.

He asked if the government was willing to guarantee the new work life balance rights and promise they would start to be enjoyed as was going to happen in the rest of Europe.


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