The political scenario in Malta is one incredible mess. Since the 1970s it has been completely dominated by the two major parties - the behemoths in our midst.

For years - even if with democracy being tested at its core - this two-party system functioned or stuttered. It gave us a semblance of normality and stability. It also gave us unending feuds, pettiness, hard-headedness and piques leading to cul-de-sacs in quite a number of ways.

Today the scenario has changed. Labour and its old way of doing politics has moved on. Gone are the days when old Labour wooed the marmalja type, espoused the Mintoff style where might was right, when suits were seen as clothes for losers, violence was encouraged or allowed to fester, the EU and all western affiliations were touted as demons and the rule of law hardly adhered to.

Today nothing much of the old-style Labour has survived - except that the rule of law is still seen as a thing to bow your head to but flaunt at will.

The PN has also changed - from a party that had values to a party led by a man with no idea of politics and less idea of where he wants to take the party except to grab power at all costs. The PN has changed from a party with a mission to a party with no vision, values or action plan.

There has always been a feeling that people choose one party over another by default, more by adhering to the better evil. These people - the floating voters who felt they did not belong either to the blues or to the reds - always believed that politics was poisoned, that the two parties were made up of cronies only out to fatten their pockets.

Till a few months ago I thought people who felt like that were idealists, dreamers, spoilers even. Today I have joined their ranks and feel both parties deserve to be disbanded.

There are still some men of goodwill in both parties. But PL members will not move out of their team as they are too well grounded in discipline. Power has given all labour MPs, hangers-on and even many supporters a lifeline they do not wish to lose. Yes, sadly even the few men of goodwill in Labour don’t feel the need to challenge the status quo.

If the men and women of goodwill inside the PN do not take this courageous step now it will be way too late

The PN, on the other hand, is in shambles. It lies like a boxer with no bounce left, no power in its punch. It has descended to the pits. The loons, the crackpots, the crooks have hijacked its soul. But within it there are still some good, just men and women who must put their hand on their heart and search deep in their soul to move on.

Move on and out - out of the rotten PN of today to start afresh, a new gathering, a new team. Get more people of goodwill to join, to turn the tide before it is too late. Every day that passes is a day lost. Now is the time to discard the old and create the new.

There are many but not enough to win elections. But this is how dreams see the light of day, how hope is sowed, how infamy is defeated.

If the men and women of goodwill inside the PN do not take this courageous step now it will be way too late. It is now or never.

Malta, the rule of law and good governance need people to stand up and be counted. Therein lies our future if it is not to be blacker than it already is.


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