A good number of people mistakenly think therapy is something solely confined within the ambit of psychological well-being.

Hardly do they realise that the spiritual dimension of the human person craves for healing and restoration. Without spiritual healing the human person remains existentially crippled and unproductive.

Pneuma therapy, or the therapy of the Holy Spirit, intends to address any body, mind and will deficiencies that severely inhibit people from reaching their God-given potential. Pneuma therapy works if humans open themselves to the Spirit's powerful work.

To expose our body to the healing action of the Spirit means to offer our physical infirmities, complexes, aggressive behaviour, insecurity, depression, chronic discouragement, sadness, deep-seated grudges, and resentment and let Him heal us by the power of the word of God, the sacraments and our active faith response.

To expose our mind to the Spirit also means imploring the Spirit to free us from our mental diseases of incredulity, superstition, intellectualism, pride and presumption.

By consecrating our intelligence to the Holy Spirit we open ourselves to the truth that saves. In this regard the word of God can be a great source of strength and enlightenment for our often limited and erroneous intellectual capacity.

To expose our will to the Spirit means furthermore to pray the Holy Spirit to heal our heart diseases such as coldness, indifference, rebelliousness, and the lust for power, money and pleasure. We need to keep firm in the belief that the Holy Spirit and His healing power are more powerful than all the maladies of the soul.

Let us fervently pray to the Holy Spirit:

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful. Come now to make them blessed. Come anew so that we might also glory in the possession of that glory of the sons and daughters of God. For yours it is to strengthen and make firm, to perfect and to bring fulfilment.

The Father created us, the Son has redeemed us: Accomplish now what it belongs to you to do. Come and lead us into the fullness of the truth, enjoyment of the supreme Good, the vision of the Father; the abundance of all delights, the joy of all joys. Amen.

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