Protest symbols left outside the Russian embassy, in Kappara during a peaceful protest on Friday were “repositioned in the same area for safety reasons”, according to the police.

Police officers were filmed “tearing down” the symbols, according to the man who took the video, soon after the protest ended on Friday evening.

“People put this there for a reason… it’s not normal. Why would you do this,” the man was heard asking the police.

In the footage, several candles left behind by protesters can be seen rolling across the street as the police took apart the protest symbols.

Video footage of police 'repositioning' the items.

Police insist items were not cleared

A spokesperson for the police insisted, however, that none of the items left by protesters had been cleared.

Instead, the material had been repositioned in the same area for safety reasons.

The peaceful protest saluted the Russian people and drew a distinction between them and Vladimir Putin’s action.

“We know that this aggression is the result of the intentions and actions of cruel and ambitious leaders and not of a whole people that has nothing to do with this violence,” the protesters said in a letter addressed to the Russian ambassador, Andrey Lopukhov.

“Despite what their leaders have done, we feel no hatred whatsoever towards any Russian, including those who, like you, have made their home temporarily or permanently among us.”

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