The Sliema police have pledged to patrol areas "vulnerable" to carcading during the World Cup, following concerns raised by the town's residents' association.

The police said they were "always on the lookout for any illegalities, not least during the forthcoming World Cup" and that they would be taking all measures to protect Sliema residents from the inconveniences caused by carcades.

The statement comes after the Sliema Residents' Association anticipated the riotous traffic and the racket that the World Cup brings in its wake: as hundreds if not thousands of celebrating fans tend to spill out into the main thoroughfares in the aftermath of matches between popular teams.

Besides the noise, the association complained of the dangers this poses to residents and passers-by.

The police said it was ever their intention to prevent disurbance being caused to residents.

When asked specifically what action the police intend to take, the force's PR office said policemen would "act according to the circumstances that shall prevail at the time".

Honking a horn between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. is illegal, as is the use of the horn unnecessarily and hanging out of cars in motion - all of which are typical of local carcades.

The complaints have not gone down well with football enthusiasts who argued the residents' association should lighten up a bit.

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