The police have issued a warning about scam calls being made via local numbers claiming to be from the Malta Police Force and asking people to give their e-id information and/or informing them that an arrest warrant has been issued in their name. 

The pre-recorded message then directs the person receiving the call to press "1" and follow additional instructions.

The police said they had received several reports of such calls.

"These are none other than scams, whereby criminals try to gain access to personal information and/or credit card details," the police said.

It was recently revealed that several people had fallen victim to another scam where they received a text message that appears to be from MaltaPost asking them to click a link to arrange for a parcel delivery and asking for payment of a fee.

MaltaPost had issued two warnings about the scam. The police had received more than 200 reports about the scam, and more than €100,000 were believed to have been stolen in this way.  

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