The police had no information about bombs being made in Malta, and it was only weeks after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed that equipment found in a Żebbuġ garage was analysed and found to have been possibly linked, they said in a statement on Wednesday. 

In the statement, police said that at no time during testimony given in court was it claimed that the mobile belonging to one of the accused, George Degiorgio, had been traced to the Żebbuġ garage.

They also said that the mobile phones of the accused were not all found in the sea (in Marsa when the raid took place in early December), as had been explained by the prosecution, which had specified where each had been found on the day of the arrest.

The police statement, which came as a denial to claims published in a local news outlet, added that the corps would have taken all measures and all precautions had it had the “slightest hint” of any criminal activity, as it always did.

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