The more I read of Eddy Privitera’s ramblings from Mosta, the more I am convinced ‘Sylvanus’ should be brought back. Is no one safe from his adoration of Joseph Muscat and woe betide anyone who questions the Prime Minister?

In the same issue carrying one of Privitera’s ramblings, I also saw an article on expats’ concerns about the way the country is “run”.

My question (at the risk of being rudely told off and to return to my own country) is: why does the Prime Minister have so much power in a ‘democracy’.

Why does he not let me know the content of the report of the magisterial inquiry that cleared his wife in a flood of crocodile tears?

Why is Parliament not allowed to demand transparency?

Why are his lieutenants facing accusations still in office and being paid taxpayers’ money? Why?

His iron fist makes the regimes of Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma as well as Kim Jong-Il look like democracies. Come on electorate. Why?

And Privitera should stop speaking ill of a person who was murdered. Her family have the same rights as Privitera’s Teflon demigod.


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