While being interviewed in Times Talk, Fr Joe Borg opined that Labour Party trolls were being fanned by either Castille or the Mile End.

I guess he also considers me as a Labour troll since I write regularly on various comment boards. So, may I inform him that he is not telling the truth.

I have been writing since the 1960s and commenting online since I bought my laptop a few years ago. I have never, ever been contacted by anyone and told or advised what I should write.

Other Labour supporters I know and who also comment daily online do this of their own accord without needing any fanning from anyone, least of all the Labour Party.

Incidentally, he does not say a word about Nationalist Party trolls. Why? Most probably he knows that what he attributed to Labour is actually happening in the PN. Hence, he may believe the same thing must be happening within the Labour Party.

As regards his defence of Archbishop Charles Scicluna, I, and many others, including a few members of the clergy, criticise him when he makes purely political comments, undoubtedly influenced by his political activism of his student days. The Archbishop should, therefore, expect to continue to be criticised as long as he behaves more as a leader of a political party than of all Maltese Catholics.

Unfortunately, Fr Borg still cannot come to terms with the stark fact that his PN has already suffered nine consecutive electoral defeats – and the 10th looms next year – since Joseph Muscat took over the leadership of his Labour movement.


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