I disagree with Arnold Cassola’s stance on the abortion debate, which appeared to be a call to stop all debate.

But it has to be said, respect to the man.

With his resignation, Cassola has essentially done something that no other politician in Malta (I really can’t think of anyone right now) had the integrity or the backbone to do. Resign on a point of principle.

Cassola, whose recent political life has been intrinsically tied to Alternattiva Demokratika, who has given so much to that party, did not stop to think about personal gain or, more to the point, what he stood to lose by resigning (pretty much the work of a lifetime). He simply stayed consistent to his principles and stepped down.

This is unheard of in Malta, where even the most serious accusations don’t seem to stop politicians from continuing along their merry way.

This is not someone who was in politics for personal gain. It is someone who was in politics for all the right reasons. To work towards what he believed would be a better Malta.

Whether I agree, or not, with his definition of ‘a better Malta’ is irrelevant. You cannot fault a man for standing by what he believes in.

Would that half the politicians on the island had half Cassola’s strength of principles. The country would benefit greatly.

As it is, I get the feeling that most favour a "what can the country do for me?", rather than the other, more honourable quote.


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