I couldn't resist using the "fuq tlieta toqghod..." saying, after Friday's Xarabank wipeout of Premier Muscat at the hands of Simon Busuttil.

This is not because of the popular perception that there are three musketeers involved in the shenanigans at the 'Palace' (Auberge, more properly).  In truth, perceptions have gone way beyond only Muscat, Mizzi and Schembri, and many think the squad has achieved platoon, if not brigade, proportions.

The three legs on the "mess of pottages" of Premier Muscat's to which I refer are the three 'Parliamentary Inexactitudes' he resorted to on being slammed with yet more evidence of mega-corruption under his watch, effectively just outside (?) his door.

He first insinuated that Simon Busuttil had taken 'commissions' when he was Deputy Leader.  Lacking even a shred of evidence, not even enough to satisfy the friendliest of friendly participants in his 'spin & cover' forays, it is to be assumed that Premier Muscat was referring to an old out-of-court settlement made between the Government and private clients of Busuttil's (he was a lawyer in real life)

Presumably, like every lawyer, even Labour Party lawyers, Busuttil was paid his fees. Lawyers' fees are evidence of corruption, we are given to understand by Premier Muscat.    

This is rich, coming from someone who sees nothing wrong in Panamanian and New Zealander and Emirati (Dubai) and British Virginian and Gibralterian constructs that stink to high heaven of rank criminality and corruption.

Premier Muscat went on to attack Beppe Fenech Adami.  He 'conveniently' forgot that this gentleman had been exonerated by an inquiry set into motion by Premier Muscat himself.   

Just as an aside, Premier Muscat (though he clearly hasn't forgotten this) is currently the subject of an inquiry that at, at least as yet, not exonerated him.

Someone who has no moral compass shouldn't be trusted to run the country.

Mario de Marco was next in Premier Muscat's rickety cross-hairs: he 'has a company in Cyprus' (cue gasps of shock-horror by the trolls)  Demarco immediately called him a liar, a characterisation which on the evidence is more than justified.  

De Marco's connection with this Cyprus company is that he is a director on its Board, an entirely legitimate function carried out by lawyers, accountants and other professionals in the financial services industry.  Just as another aside, this is the very industry which is under extreme threat because of the country's necessary association with Premier Muscat's manner of [mis-]governance.

De Marco does not own the Cypriot company. Premier Muscat is either ignorant of the relevant distinctions or knows and doesn't worry about lying about it.  An economics graduate with a Ph. D (or is that a PH D?) can't not know the truth, so do the math for yourself. 

Someone who has no qualms about - let's not be coy - lying about his political opponents, even if he only went there because he was cornered, has no moral compass. 

Someone who has no moral compass shouldn't be trusted to run the country.



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