President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca today hoped that an agreement which would be beneficial for those going through humanitarian challenges would be reached in the European Council meeting in Brussels being held today and tomorrow.

She was addressing a conference together with another 10 European Presidents who took part in the Arraiolos Group meeting in Warburg and Erfurt in Germany.

President Coleiro Preca insisted on the need for educational systems which really aimed towards the wellbeing of society.

She insisted that education could break the circle of poverty and reminded that one in every four people in European countries were poor.

She said that although European education systems were advanced, the aims to ensure that enough seeds were sown to ensure that no one fell behind were still not being reached.

The President referred to many graduated young people who still ended up unemployed.

On immigration, the President noted there were many young immigrants who fled their countries without their parents to seek a better future.

Education, she said, was important to ensure these children did not end up victims of extremist groups.


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