The current situation in Malta with regards to COVID-19 is one of concern and is creating anxiety and worry in all sectors, President George Vella said on Sunday.

In a statement, the President said he has been following developments since the beginning of the pandemic and is keeping himself up to date on the impact it is having on physical and mental health, as well as on the social and economic aspect of people’s lives.

He said he felt such a situation should lead to everyone toeing the same rope and offering full cooperation at all levels.

While it is good to criticise shortcomings in a constructive manner, it is also good to recommend good practice which had given encouraging results in other countries. However, nothing should hinder everyone’s collective effort in the fight against the virus.
The President said he was conscious of the sacrifices the people are making to observe and implement the directives of the health authorities, and of those who had the responsibility to safeguard public health, as well as those expected to look after victims.
He said he appreciated the continuous work of carers in homes for the elderly and of those whose work brought them face to face with a risk of contracting the virus, such as teachers and educators.

One sector he is particularly worried about, Vella said, is that of vulenerable people, including the elderly, who, since the start of the pandemic saw their life overturned.
He positively noted the recent changes to funerals of those who died of COVID-19 and paid tribute to all who died from the virus. Vella expressed solidarity with victims' relatives for the way they had to separate from their loved at a time when they wished to be close to them to offer courage and companionship.

He called on the people to be brave for the country to overcome the challenge with the least possible damage and appealed to the people to safeguard their mental health and obey health directives.

No one should lose hope and everyone should look ahead to a return to normality in future.
Vella called on the people to renew their determination against the threat by keeping in mind that, in the near future, there was a good chance that there will be an effective vaccine that will help win over the pandemic.

He hoped the authorities will manage to find the delicate balance safeguarding the health of the people while ensuring economic renewal.

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