The President has pledged her support for fundraisers in aid of animal welfare and offered proceeds from the annual citrus festival in aid of this cause.

The proposal was made during a meeting between Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and animal NGOs’ representatives, who voiced their concern about not benefitting from L-Istrina funds.

The organisations have suggested organising a separate televised fundraiser in aid of animal welfare. Since the NGOs would not be able to afford the administration of such an event, and also to keep things “as clean as possible”, they had suggested it would be handled by those running L-Istrina.

Asked whether the President had taken on board this suggestion, a spokesman said that the proposal to hold another L-Istrina meant six months of work, which the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation could not handle.

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This, he said, was explained to the organisations during the meeting.

“However, the President has, once again, offered the facilities within the Presidency, and to champion any fundraising events that the animal welfare NGOs would like to hold,” he said.

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“The President also offered that this year’s Festa taċ-Ċitru will be held in aid of the animal welfare NGOs, where all the NGOs were invited to set up stalls during the event to promote their work,” he added, confirming that a formal invitation has been sent to the relevant NGOs.

Asked to clarify which facilities were being provided, he said those within the Office of the President – the palaces and their surrounding grounds – as venues for fundraising events.

This is what Ms Coleiro Preca already does for all NGOs who regularly organise events at the palaces, such as The Fur and Feather Show and The Horticultural Show, he added.

The MCCFF had no facilities that it could make available, and the President had no jurisdiction over the foundation.

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