The whole kitchen staff at the Corradino Correctional Facility was replaced after a salmonella outbreak earlier this month, executive officer Simon Buttigieg told the Times of Malta.

About 20 inmates sought medical attention two weeks ago after contracting food poisoning.

An inspection by the health authorities concluded that hot summer temperatures and poor kitchen hygiene were behind the poisoning outbreak.

Mr Buttigieg said he had reviewed the prison’s catering facilities. “I was not happy with the way things were being done and this was the last straw. “We have made a lot of improvements.”

The prison has employed two new chefs, both of whom graduated from the Institute of Tourism Studies, Mr Buttigieg added. 

The poor food and sanitary conditions in the prison kitchen led a group of inmates to hold a hunger strike last week. About 15 inmates refused to eat their lunch after they found dinner “disgusting”.

Mr Buttigieg said the prison administration had since received a letter from the inmates, thanking it for taking into consideration their complaints about prison food. (See above)

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