Q: I placed an order with a local company to supply me with all my home apertures, all doors and windows. The total expense amounted to €10,000. All the apertures had to be delivered to me within a maximum period of eight weeks.

Nearly two months after the promised delivery date, not all apertures have been delivered and installed. Furthermore, I am not happy with the ones installed, as there are gaps that still need to be sealed, handles missing and not working properly, as well as other problems.

In addition, due to improper installation of the bathroom apertures, I had to remove some tiles and lay them again at my expense. There is also a curved glass and the installers left a huge gap which had to be sealed and which does not look nice.

Apart from being an eyesore, I do not feel safe with a 2.5 cm sealer between glasses. We will also need to put a cover on top of the sealer to hide these mistakes. I am not willing to cover this expense too.

Due to the delay in installation I had to postpone my REWS application for the double-glazing grant of €1,000 which I risk losing if the apertures are not fully installed within a month.

I would like to know what my consumer rights are and whether I am entitled to claim compensation for all the problems I have been facing?

A: Since the supplier has promised you a specific delivery date and this has not been honoured, you may now send a registered letter to the trader and inform him that if the ordered apertures are not installed by a specific date you intend to terminate the contract of sale and claim a refund for the apertures which have not been delivered but already paid for.

In the same letter, you should also request the supplier to fix the problems you are facing with the installed apertures and warn him that if these are not fixed by a specific date you will engage a third party and will hold him liable for the extra expenses incurred.

With regards to the extra cost of the tiles that needed to be removed and fixed again, and the cover to hide the sealer, you may also request the supplier to compensate you for these additional costs. You should also warn the supplier that you will hold him responsible for the lost grant if he fails to provide you with all the apertures before the grant expires. 


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