A process to transform the police academy into a college has been embarked upon, Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia said today.

He said in a statement the aim of the transformation was for training at the college to be on a professional level with this being given by full time lecturers who were not members of the force.

He said that following talks between the ministry, former Metropolitan chief of police John Lewis and educational expert Charles Caruana Carabez, it was decided that the college should be administered by a board made up of a chairman, deputy chairman, the Police Commissioner and two experts. Another official would be in charge of logistics.

The college would have its own budget that would be separate from the police budget. Training with Cepol, Interpol, Frontex and Eurojust would also increase.

The aim was for training at the college to be recognised as an educational qualification. It is part of the government’s plan for a holistic reform of the force.

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