The Lawyers for Choice group demanded 'full consultation' on Tuesday after the prime minister said the government is in the final stages of redrafting the bill which will allow interventions which could lead to the termination of pregnancies when the mother's life or health are in danger.

The prime minister made his comments on Monday, indicating that the bill will specify that viable foetuses must be delivered and more than one doctor would be involved in deciding whether a mother's life or health are at serious risk.

The group said no reform can achieve its goals if it is not drafted in full consultation with all members of civil society, irrespective of belief.

It insisted that the Bill should be in line with international human rights standards.

"Much has been said, though not much is known, about the new amendments to Bill 28. It is staggering that there has been absolutely no consultation with civil society, and this does not augur well for the end result," the group of lawyers said.

"The lack of transparency adds nothing to this legislative exercise apart from exacerbating the proliferation of harmful misinformation campaigns by certain groups."

It called on the government to open the process to those who have been involved in the debate for many years, and work hand in hand with human rights experts, and those who will be directly impacted by this amendment. 

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