A recent survey carried out by local real estate company RE/MAX Malta has highlighted that professionalism is the key trait clients are looking for when selecting a property company to work with.

RE/MAX Malta COO Jeff ButtigiegRE/MAX Malta COO Jeff Buttigieg

In fact, an impressive 61 per cent of the respondents surveyed in a nationally-representative sample of the general public at the end of last year specified that professionalism was very important to them when dealing with a real estate company.

Other important factors respondents considered when choosing a property company included the number of properties the agent had to sell, their knowledge of the real estate market, and whether or not they were properly trained.

“These findings did not surprise us at all,” says RE/MAX Malta COO Jeff Buttigieg.

“We have long been aware of the fact that people look for professionalism when it comes to choosing their real estate agent, because they want to deal with someone that it pleasant to work with and knowledgeable of their craft.

“We have understood this for a long time and, as result, have put in place training programmes that accompany our agents from their first day, all the way through their careers. This has given us the edge, and we believe that this investment in their development has helped to secure our very strong position in the market, and to reassure our clients that they will be dealt with in the professional way throughout their experience with RE/MAX.”

People are most motivated to use a real estate agency if the company is helpful

This is an ethos that has served RE/MAX well, as the survey also highlighted the company as the ‘first real estate agency to come to mind’ in Malta – with over 64 per cent of respondents choosing RE/MAX in this category.

The survey also found RE/MAX to be the real estate company with the most properties on its books, reflecting another of the organisation’s key pillars. “We believe in giving our clients the best-possible choice when it comes to choosing their future home or investment,” Mr Buttigieg adds.

“As a result, we invest heavily in building our database of properties, and continuously update it so as to have the widest possible range available, anywhere in Malta.”

In the survey, RE/MAX also came out on top as the agency with the most competitive prices on the island, as the agency that understands their clients best, with the strongest brand reputation, with the most professionally trained agents, and as the most reliable and trustworthy real estate company available.

“We are pleased with these results because they reflect the direction that RE/MAX Malta is taking and are aligned with the investments we have made into our brand and team training.”

Finally, the survey also asked respondents to specify how likely they would be to use a real estate agency when next looking at property, and over 49 per cent said they would be ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to do this.

The results show that people are most motivated to use a real estate agency if the company is helpful and client oriented, knowledgeable and if the agent is honest and truthful. 

“Once again, this aligns perfectly with our vision for RE/MAX. We understand that real estate agencies have to add value to the client, and to provide them with knowledge and opportunities that they would not get if they were to look for properties on their own,” Mr Buttigieg adds.

“With all of this in mind, we will continue to hone the service that we offer our clients and to build on their need for professionalism, choice and honesty.”


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