John Guillaumier’s second letter about the sex scandals must have been written with vitriolic passion, unknowingly going against his own reasoning of just four months before when he wrote that, in mystical and Hindu literature, there is no notion of sin. He seemed to imply that this transgression does not exist.

How experienced and right is the Church then that, fully cognisant of man’s endemic frailness and continuous risk to commit error as bitterly experienced by some members, it never ceases to pray and ask for mercy but with a disposition of repentance, optimism and faith.

“You, a cripple because of your sins, paralysed because of your vices you contacted do not despair, start walking because the Lord will take you by the right hand and help you on your way.”

How right is Pascal in saying that “man is great only when kneeling before God”.

And Malta’s St Ġorġ Preca’s short prayer, which is now very popular, sums it all up in its universal “Cum ecclesia” plea for mercy.

Thank you Lord, God; forgive me, Lord, God.


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