With the winter season just around the corner, is your home fully protected against water ingress? If not, don’t worry. There are several possible solutions that can help you put your mind at rest, not just throughout the winter season but also in more favourable weather conditions. Vella Falzon Building Supplies Ltd offers the best waterproofing solutions by the world-renowned brand Mapei.

When it comes to waterproofing benefits, the most obvious is protection from rainwater. In addition to preventing possible damage from water ingress, however, waterproofing can also protect your home against atmospheric conditions such as cold and hot weather, by maintaining the building’s resistance over the years.

Waterproofing can be applied to a terrace, balcony, and any rooftop. Applying solution on a sloping substrate will protect the screen and the other underlying layers which prevent water from seeping into the joints. A correct routine maintenance on guttering, downpipes and runoff channels will prolong the waterproofing system.

Among the different sorts of waterproofing solutions, the most commonly used in construction is the bituminous membrane. This consists of a sticky, black and highly viscous liquid, or semi-solid form of petroleum.

A frequently asked question is whether ceramic tiles can be installed directly over a water proofing system – if the terrace, balcony, or roof is covered with material suitable for external application, one may find an extensive range of adhesives available for bonding it with waterproofing systems.

Furthermore, there are multiple factors one should consider when working on a roof with bituminous membrane to turn it into, for instance, a terrace with ceramic flooring.

As a general guide, creating a sloping screed with just the right amount of slope, applying a cementitious waterproofing system and then install the ceramic tiles over the membrane is recommended.

Mapei offers a wide range of solutions for waterproofing operations exclusively available from Vella Falzon Building Supplies Ltd, Triq il-Bankiera, Qormi. Open from Monday to Friday from 8am till 4pm. For more information, contact the shop on 2144 5165 or e-mail info@vellafalzon.com.

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