Opposition leader Simon Busuttil called on the Attorney General to publish any other reports following today’s revelation of a damning financial intelligence report.

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The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit last May reported “reasonable suspicion” that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff and consultant were involved in money laundering or the proceeds of crime related to kickbacks from the sale of Maltese passports.

This report, Dr Busuttil said, was completed on May 17, however, former Police Commissioner Michael Cassar had resigned on April 27 of last year.

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“Mr Cassar resigned after receiving a report from this agency and was scared to take action about it… That means there is another report. They weren’t investigated once, but more than once.

“Today, as leader of the Opposition, as PN leader, as part of Forza Nazzjonali, I am appealing to the AG: you have known about this report for a year, but you didn’t take action for a year. You know that there is more than one report, so publish all the reports, for the sake of national interest.”

Dr Busuttil insisted that the proof revealed by The Sunday Times of Malta reflected what he had been saying for the past 10 days.

He questioned why the report was completed a year ago, and yet, the Prime Minister was still defending Mr Schembri and Mr Tonna, while the Police Commissioner and Attorney General had not taken any action.

The Opposition leader was speaking in Vittoriosa, where he appealed to the electorate to stop Prime Minister Joseph Muscat from “continuing to use” them for their votes.

On June 3, he urged, choose Malta over Dr Muscat.

The choice will not be between the Labour and the Nationalist party, he reiterated, and he wanted to pass on this message to “genuine and hurt” Labourites.

“We know they are hearing us from their houses, from the streets and on TV. Our message is not just for the Nationalists. It’s a nationwide message for anyone who likes their country.”

Addressing the same political activity, ahead of today’s PN mass meeting in Balzan, Partit Demokratiku leader Marlene Farrugia drew a metaphorical comparison between the need to rebuild the country and the rebuilding of Vittoriosa by the country's forefathers.

She later noted that the dream of Malta Taghna Lkoll, was still alive. Things first started to go sour within the environment sector, and she was one of those who had spoken up about the Żonqor issue. She had urged for investment within Cottonera instead of taking over the last remaining lung in the area, Dr Farrugia said.


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