The QLZH Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the QLZH Group, launched its new website and brand identity last month. The foundation’s logo combines the two brands that started it all, QuickLets and Zanzi Homes. Four complementing colours of browns and orange were selected to evoke the natural hues of earth and nature, representing the foundation’s commitment to the environment and humanity.

The causes the foundation built itself on are the environment, education and adequate housing. The foundation has five main goals, which it has already started achieving since the inception of the two mother companies.

Zanzi Homes has been planting a tree for every house sold, whereas Quicklets has been sponsoring the education of a child in Ghana for every property rented in Malta. The foundation has also set itself the goal of building a school in Africa, as well as planting one million trees over 10 years. Together with all of this, the foundation’s long-term goal is to build a home in the African continent for every house sold in Malta.

Steve Mercieca, founder of the QLZH Foundation, explains: “We are very excited to give a face and an identity to our foundation. From the first day we set out on the journey to build QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, we always knew we wanted to create more than an estate agency. We believed we had the opportunity to create a culture, a movement that would spark our team members, the public and other companies to make the environment we and our brothers and sisters in Africa live in a little bit cleaner and healthier.”

The foundation has already planted just below 1,000 trees in Malta, as well as donated hundreds of books to two schools in Ghana. Together with this, the foundation is behind three ocean bed clean-ups, as well as eight beach awareness campaigns by the Plastic Police Squad, whereby its team members collected bagsful of rubbish while educating bathers about the harm of single use plastic. The QLZH Foundation also organises a number of ad hoc activities in society, such as blood donation drives, visits to St Vincent de Paul, activities for Movember and the yearly campaign Make a Zanzi Wish that gives the opportunity to hospitalised children to choose any gift they would like for Christmas. The honorary patron of the foundation is President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca. On September 28, the foundation will be organising its first fundraising reception at Verdala Palace, Buskett. All ticket proceeds will be donated to the causes of the foundation. More information can be found on the foundation’s website at and its Facebook page. The website also offers an easy facility to donate to the foundation’s causes.


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