Furniture, as anyone will tell you, is not just furniture. It is how we express the living, breathing soul of our homes, how we turn cold stone into an extension of who we are as individuals and as families. It is a canvas on which memories form: our favourite pieces of furniture turn into old friends and family members as the stories of our life play out on and around them.

The business of selling furniture, then, must be about a lot more than simply providing tables and chairs.

“It’s about completing a home,” Joe Satariano, managing director of Satariano Group, says. And as SatarianoHome celebrates its sixth anniversary, one thing the company understands is that every home is different.

“We consider a client’s style and budget and provide them with the very best products available to fulfil their needs,” he adds.

SatarianoHome – the company’s foray into the furniture market – can trace its origin back 11 years. In 2004, Satariano opened its kitchen showroom, a venture that not only proved hugely successful in itself, but also alerted the company to another niche in the market: a one-stop shop for all furniture needs.

Six years later, SatarianoHome has established itself as the go-to location for quality and luxury furniture at affordable prices. It’s showroom in Marina Street, Pieta, is spread over 700m2, displaying the latest furniture collections over three floors. Stepping inside is like entering into a world of possibilities – on one side a sharp and contemporary living room and on the other a luxury bedroom finished in dark tones with a walk-in wardrobe.

And if you don’t find yourself inspired by any of the set-ups, help is at hand. The SatarianoHome sales and design team puts clients in touch with trained consultants who bring to the table years of experience to help find the ideal solution for any space, whether by providing a 3D rendering for you to explore more possibilities, or even visiting an apartment for a professional consultation.

The Satariano brand has always been associated with quality products. Satariano explains that the brands chosen by SatarianoHome reflect this ideal. San Giacomo and Novamobile, the two highly reputable Italian furniture brands the company works with, offer furniture built to the highest quality and designed to last.

“These brands provide our clients with a full range of choices to suit every taste and pocket, with elegant, modern and contemporary designs, and a number of characteristic pieces with distinctive features that you won’t find everywhere,” Mr Satariano says.

Distinctive and individual pieces are also on offer with Lola Glamour exclusive pieces which have their own personality.

Sofas are among the most visible and regularly used pieces of furniture in most homes. The SatarianoHome range takes into account the need to balance aesthetic beauty, quality and functionality with a wide selection from Danish designers Furninova, as well as the top-of-the-range Italian brand Desiree, known for its stylish and cutting-edge designs and craftsmanship.

Living up to its vision of serving as a complete one-stop shop, SatarianoHome also offers a variety of accessories to finish your home. Whether you’re in the market for a rug to tie a room together or more ornamental pieces, the choice is endless.

With its keen eye for identifying niches in the market and coinciding with its sixth anniversary celebrations in the furniture business, SatarianoHome is introducing another three leading European brands: Dialma Brown, Flexform and Poltrona Frau.

Dialma Brown is a mix of styles that creates a perfect harmony and at the same time an unexpected contrast. The furniture is manufactured from aged wood and contrasting industrial metal. Styles vary from shabby chic to country with the latest urban to vintage collections.

Flexform is a historical Italian manufacturer of high quality sofas, armchairs, beds and furnishings, designed by world renowned designer Antonio Citterio among others. Proportions, fabrics, materials, all make up the balanced mix of timeless elegance. With a touch of sensual yet understated glamour, it is a great product which will last a lifetime and with time will appreciate in value.

Poltrona Frau offers sofas that integrate a blend of expert craftsmanship and research, sustainability and co-design, passion and flair. It represents iconic pieces that can take centre stage in any home. Again this is another great product with a 100 years of experience behind them.

There are few stones that SatarianoHome leaves unturned.

“Whether you’re looking to finish an apartment for retail investment, or seeking out absolute luxury, SatarianoHome have left few stones unturned and have made it their mission to deliver quality products at affordable prices,” Mr Satariano adds.

Join SatarianoHome for its sixth anniversary celebrations during its open week from Monday, October 19 to Sunday, October 25. New brands, new furniture displays and the latest furniture collections will be offered at great prices.


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