A concerned mother of three has offered to “cook up a storm” for the Slovakian teenagers who suffered food poisoning while in quarantine due to COVID-19,

Gill Caruana told Times of Malta she was ‘horrified’ by the treatment some English language students are receiving and was ready to help them in any way she could.

On Tuesday, the two Slovakian students were rushed to Mater Dei Hospital suffering from food poisoning after being served undercooked chicken while in quarantine.

The news report also revealed the unsanitary condition of their accommodation, as well as the mental state of the teenagers, one of whom, described the place as a ‘prison’.

“These children came here for an experience thinking it is a safe place, and were even given pocket money by the state,” Caruana said.

“It’s bad enough that the authorities did not think things through and had to close the schools. But now that some of the students have been put in quarantine they are being treated like dogs,” she added.

Caruana offered to cook up some nutritious meals for the girls who were back in quarantine after one tested COVID-19 positive, and said she was happy to help in any way that she could.

“If this sorry story happened to my daughter, I would want to know that someone was taking care of them,” she said.

Another woman, who preferred not to be named, also reached out to the teenagers with offers of food, books and water.

Barabara Ticha, the mother of one of the hospitalised girls, 17-year-old Luisa, said her daughter was doing much better, and that some people had already brought her and her younger sister Laura, also in Malta for a summer experience, plenty of food.

“I think they have more than what they need now. It is so nice and kind that people are trying to help me and the girls in Malta,” she said.

Ticha said that she was moved by the kindness some people were showing her girls.

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