Equality Minister Helena Dalli crowned herself the "queen of totalitarianism" through her criticism of comments by X Factor contestant Matthew Grech, Nationalist MP Edwin Vassallo argued in parliament on Tuesday.

Mr Grech had described how he used to lead a homosexual lifestyle until he found Jesus. The government slammed the "homophobic" comments while, in a statement, the television show insisted the interview never meant to cause offence.

Equality Minister Helena Dalli had commented that the interview “should have never been aired in the first place”, adding that it "did untold damage to our efforts to change social attitudes towards minorities".

Mr Vassallo insisted the Equality Minister was censuring Mr Grech for expressing views she did not agree with. 

PN MP Edwin VassalloPN MP Edwin Vassallo

What did Matthew Grech do wrong? Why did he deserve to be censured? All he did was speak on his spiritual personal experience, Mr Vassallo said.

He warned that there would come a time where people would be going to court for hate speech if they spoke out on something that went against the interests of Dr Dalli’s ideology and "the road of the LGBTIQ".

Mr Vassallo said Dr Dalli became "the equality minister as dictated by the ideology of artificial Marxism" because she "does not respect natural law".

In the future, children would be taught they were not a boy or a girl, but whatever they felt like, he said.

"I respect the decision of whoever wants to stay on whichever side of the argument, but if you don’t stay on her side, then she is against you", Mr Vassallo said.

Liberal thought is not totalitarianism, he insisted.


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