With reference to Martin Scicluna’s article ‘Egrant’s flat-earthers’ (August 1), I get the impression he has the full inquiry report. Otherwise, he cannot be so sure and definitive about its conclusions.

Unfortunately, I, a simple citizen, have not been given access to the full report. Would he, therefore, kindly let me know whether the magistrate has considered the following?

The method of operating of Mossack Fonseca. It will be recalled that Mossack Fonseca had the habit of giving its personnel and others blank sheets to sign for details to be filled in later. This is one of the criminal charges they are facing.

Jacqueline Alexander of Mossack Fonseca is facing criminal charges of fraud etc. Among other criminal activities she is accused of is, apparently, signing blank papers and, on at least one occasion, she allegedly gave a power of attorney to a long-deceased person.

Whether the software of Pilatus Bank would accept amendments to documents allowing the bank to delete or edit documents without leaving a trail.

Unless Scicluna could provide me with satisfactory answers to the above questions, I am afraid I am forced to join the “flat-earthers”.

Also, I will be forced to consider him naive for having accepted a report that is lacking in the most basic security checks.


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