QuickLets has launched a reward scheme for its people. The aim is to celebrate and recognise the top-performing teams that have reached their goals throughout the month. Each team was assigned a goal at the beginning of the year.

The teams had a different goal assigned to them, taking in consideration their achievements in the previous year, as well as their personal growth potential. Each team that reaches its goal will be eligible to participate in the activities organised by QuickLets brand manager Mark Sant Cassia.

“QuickLets has come a long way and is growing month on month. We sincerely believe this was mainly achieved through the dedication and commitment to the brand of our people. Because of this, we felt the need to design a structure that rewards excellence”, Mr Sant Cassia said.

To ensure that all teams have an equal opportunity to win the monthly prize, this scheme was designed in a way that teams are not directly competing against each other but are merely required to reach their own individual goals.

“We believe in healthy competition but we also feel that newer or smaller teams should be recognised and rewarded as well. We already know this programme is successful as we have seen a mix of new and more mature teams being rewarded and coming together,” Mr Sant Cassia added.

Twelve incentives, one for each month, have been selected and communicated with the QuickLets team, which reaches just over 240 letting specialists. These rewards have so far included a pizza lunch, quad biking, bowling and paintballing, with more activities lined up, such as a private yacht charter, skydiving in Sicily and the grand prize – a skiing holiday at the end of the year.

“Some of these activities cost the brand a substantial amount of money, but our top performers deserve nothing less. We see it as an investment in our culture and our people, not as a cost,” chief operating officer Fabio Zuccaro said. Apart from rewarding people, these events have been selected as they also serve as team-building exercises. “We also have another set of 12 activities to bring our people together. From day one, the well-being and unity of our people has always been a pillar upon which we built QuickLets and Zanzi Homes,” Mr Zuccaro added.


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