Fantasy of love

After the Angelus last Sunday Pope Francis urged young people to reach out tenderly to the elderly, particularly those “who are most alone in their homes or retirement residences”.

He said: “Dear young people, each elderly person is your grandparent! Use the fantasy of love. Call them, video-chat with them, send them messages, listen to them, go and visit them when it is possible while observing health precautions, send them a hug.”

Moses revisited

The bishops of the Central African Republic proposed Moses as an model of good leadership in a call for collaborative leadership and structural change in the country, which is marked by sociopolitical unrest.

They said: “Moses represents every inspired leader who listens to his people, shares their sufferings, and agrees to truly collaborate with others to bring his people out of misery. Like Moses and his collaborators, can we work today for our social, economic, political and religious liberation to build our country, the Central African Republic, in truth, justice, reparation and reconciliation?”

Bishops on AI, cybersecurity

The following is a short extract from the statement of the European bishops inviting EU institutions to adopt a human-centric approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI):

“The use of AI may not only bring innovative and effective tools enhancing security in a digital environ­ment, but it may also open up new vulnerabilities. AI algorithms could be manipulated and, with the Internet of Things, lead to faster and more destructive attacks on critical infrastructures.

“The misuse of AI can potentially have far-reaching consequences for the democratic order, for exam­ple, through an uncontrolled spread of disin­formation or through ex­ternal influences exercised by foreign state, economic or other non-state actors.”

(Compiled by Fr Joe Borg)

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