Fight against corruption

The Bishops’ Conference of Peru (CEP) stated: “It is urgent to continue and promote the fight against all faces of corruption which has revealed a social cancer that must be definitively cured. Therefore, we must not stop. The commitment and responsibility of the authorities must continue this fight in order to achieve a more transparent and fair Peru.

“Peru needs the effort of each of us to consolidate itself as a nation. The rule of law, the independence of powers, justice, legality, freedom, government and democratic institutions are values without which the building of a society is weakened or destroyed. It is therefore necessary to ensure, as mentioned, the holding of the general elections next April, as well as the transfer of government authority in July 2021.”

Day of the poor

Last Monday, Pope Francis said: “Extend a hand to the poor. Reach out a hand to the poor. You are not alone in life: there are people who need you. Do not be selfish; reach out a hand to the poor. We have all received from God a ‘patrimony’ as human beings, a human richness, whatever it may be.

“And as disciples of Christ we have also received the faith, the Gospel, the Holy Spirit, the Sacraments, and so many other things. These gifts need to be used to do good, to do good in this life, in service to God and to our brothers and sisters. The Church tells you: ‘Use what God has given you and look at the poor. Look: there are so many of them; even in our cities, in the centre of our city, there are many. Do good!’”

Population over politics

The Bishops’ Conference of Congo (CENCO) stated: “The well-being of the population must prevail over all other political considerations. No political compromise should call into question the need for the government to do everything it can to protect the well-being of the population.”

(Compiled by Fr Joe Borg)

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