The Bishops of Nicaragua are taking a very active part in the process of ‘national dialogue’ in their country in an attempt to resolve its socio-political crisis. President Daniel Ortega, entrepreneurs, civil society, university students are all taking part. The bishops are responsible for the methodology and organisation of this dialogue.

Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes, Archbishop of Managua and president of Nicaragua’s episcopal conference, said they have committed themselves as mediators and witnesses to find the possible ways out and solutions through dialogue and listening.

The cardinal described the Church as “a bridge that, in this case, connects the distant points; the Church is a field hospital. We have many lives to save and wounds to heal, let us never forget it: what is at stake here are the people; the Church is a mother. In a family, when brothers and sisters fight, the mother is in the middle.”

Bishop suspends 20% of priests

Alejandro Goic, Bishop of Rancagua, Chile, on his return to his dio­cese from a recent meeting with Pope Francis, suspended from their ministry as many as 15 of his 68 priests, representing 22 per cent of the diocesan clergy, because they are suspected of being involved in a network of child abuse and exchange of pornographic material.  

Chilean TV, Canal 13, during a documented investigation, has suggested the existence of an organised group of diocesan priests whose members would allegedly be involved in sexual trafficking through the web that also involves underage children.  

Elisa Fernández, former coordinator of the diocesan youth ministry, has led the accusation. A year and a half ago, Fernández had sent to Bishop Goic a list with the names of the priests involved; however, he had not taken any action.

Pope: The Spirit changes hearts and situations

On Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis said: “The Spirit does not only change hearts; he changes situations. Like the wind that blows everywhere, he penetrates to the most unimaginable situations. In the Acts of the Apostles – a book we need to pick up and read, whose main character is the Holy Spirit – we are caught up in an amazing series of events. When the disciples least expect it, the Holy Spirit sends them out to the pagans. ... May the Spirit change hearts and situations and bring peace to the Holy Land! ... Where the Spirit is, something is always happening; where he blows, things are never calm.”        

(Compiled by Fr Joe Borg)


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