“When speaking of families, often the image of a treasure comes to my mind.

Today’s rhythm of life, stress, pressure at work and also the little attention paid by institutions could put them in danger.

It is not enough to talk about their importance: it’s necessary to promote concrete means and to develop their role in society with a good family policy.

Together, let us ask Jesus that any far-reaching decisions of economists and politicians may protect the family as one of the treasures of humanity.”

– Extract from ‘For the Treasure of Families’.

Empowering the people

“In Evangelii Gaudium, the Magna Carta of his papacy, Pope Francis makes clear that there is no magisterium which is not social, because it is in the lived life of people that God works and manifests himself, especially in the dynamic of human relationships. This is where salvation history unfolds… [P]art of the action you need to take must always involve empowering the people to trust in their ability, in their creative capacity to bring about transformation.”

– Cardinal Blase Cupich at a gathering of moral theologians in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, (July 26 to 29).

No to the idolatry of money

“I would like to invite you to say ‘no’ to an economy of exclusion and the new idolatry of money; to a financial system that rules rather than serves; to inequality that spawns violence; to selfishness and spiritual sloth; to sterile pessimism; to spiritual worldliness; to the surrender to cultural imperialism; and to the tragic banality of contemporary political leadership in too many countries.

To say yes to a new relationship brought by Christ; to safeguard human dignity and creation; to the challenge of a missionary discipleship and a renewed inculturation of faith; to the recognition of popular religiosity’s richness; to join men and women committed to truth, justice, solidarity and peace; and in summary, to say ‘yes’ to a ‘bridge-building’ of theological ethics.”

– Moral theologian Pablo Blanco at a gathering of moral theologians in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Out of fashion

“When I was a student, when we had to go to the General, and when with the General we had to go to the Pope, we had to wear the cassock and cape. I see that this fashion no longer exists, thank God.”

– Pope Francis to Jesuits’ annual meeting.