Radiotherapy services for cancer patients will resume next week, with one of the three machines currently out of order to be repaired by Monday. 

The health ministry said that one of the linear accelerators, called Synergy, will be up and running by the start of the week. 

“We are contacting respective patients to inform them regarding their appointment on Monday,” the spokesperson told Times of Malta. 

Radiotherapy services had to be suspended this week, following a technical fault in equipment at Sir Anthony Mamo oncology centre.

Initial investigations suggest the fault was discovered in the cooling system which regulated the machine's engines. 

While one machine will be functional next week, the other two remain out of order. A ministry spokesperson said there was no further information about those two machines. 

Technoline, the company which maintains the equipment, has said it was not responsible for damage to the equipment.

Between 60 and 80 patients undergo radiotherapy sessions on a daily basis, according to Oncology department chairperson Nicholas Refalo.

Usually, patients received repeated treatments over a period of three weeks.

The damage brought a complete halt to radiotherapy treatment in the country and resulted in around 20 patients being flown to Rome to continue their treatment there. 

One Maltese cancer patient sent to Rome this week however noted that the mishap meant that he would spend an entire week without receiving treatment.

The patient told Times of Malta that he has since been informed that he will need to remain in Rome until September. 

The Health Ministry said all impacted patients will most likely have to stay in Rome until their radiotherapy sessions are completed. 

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