A car going up the ramp of the upper deck of a Gozo Channel ferry had to stop half-way this evening as part of the ramp started to be lifted, an eyewitness said.

The eyewitness said this may have damaged the car as it leaked oil. The incident also caused a 15-minute delay with the 8.15 p.m. trip from Mgarr leaving at 8.30 p.m.

The eyewitness said the crew promptly excused themselves as the ship departed.

Last August, Gozo Channel launched an internal enquiry after at least two vehicles were damaged on the ferry ramp as it jerked backwards while they were disembarking in Mġarr.

The company assumed full responsibility and said that a mooring rope had snapped, causing the ferry to move backwards.

In another incident in June 13, the ramp of a ferry was allegedly raised while commuters were still standing on it.

Gozo Channel blamed passengers for that incident, saying some had attempted to stop the ferry from departing by getting on the ramp as it was being raised, apparently to delay the trip so other passengers could board.

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