Can I recycle my old iPhone? What about polystyrene or cellophane? And do I really have to use all that water to clean all the shampoo out of its container before recycling it?

These are among the dozens of questions being put to local NGO Żibel that will eventually be answered by Maltese experts.

Andrew Schembri who heads the NGO told the Times of Malta a new campaign called Trash Talk would be collecting the public’s questions on recycling and other waste related topics for the next few weeks.

“We will eventually sit down with experts from WasteServ and get clear answers to put misconceptions and myths to bed,” he said.

Mr Schembri went on to say that many of the questions the NGO was receiving were telling of just how confusing the sector can be.

For instance, he pointed to packaging with logos indicating it was recyclable when that particular type of packaging is not recycled in Malta.

Other questions revolved around the availability of recycling bins, or services across the island.

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Żibel is a Maltese non-profit NGO dedicated to the issue of waste; promoting sustainable solutions, education, clean-ups and a holistic vision for the future.

To put your questions to the NGO, head to Żibel's Facebook page. You can also post your questions in the comments section below.