I tried hard to think of the right words in the circumstances, to find an interesting angle.

But nothing more needs to be said than — show the man the door, kick him out or, if I can appeal to any decorum he may have, resign and go hide in a place as far away as possible.

I know it’s been said and by many — so now is the time to go.

Yes, Minister, you and all around you have gone way beyond the pale of the acceptable. Much has happened lately and much that has — or should have — reddened the face of our Prime Minister. It has become a tragedy of errors.

The Prime Minister is usually good at keeping his cool, grinning away all his adversaries and being as bad as any Teflon Man. This is not, however, going to go away and he should take action now unless the minister goes himself.

Go in the name of all that is decent, democratic and right.


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