Catching early diabetic symptoms, often known as prediabetes, can truly be beneficial in reducing the consequences of uncontrolled diabetes. One of the main reasons why the Westin Dragonara Resort has kept its yearly appointment with Vivian Corporation, a leading healthcare distributor specialising in diabetes care solutions, has been to offer its associates a free wellness screening while at work. The theme for this year’s and next year’s World Diabetes Day and World Diabetes Month is ‘The family and diabetes’.

Recent statistics show that 425 million people worldwide have diabetes, with more than 58 million people being based in the European region. By 2045 this will rise to 66.7 million. There were 42,300 cases of diabetes in Malta in 2017.

Well-being plays a big part at the Westin Dragonara Resort both for guests and associates. On this occasion the main aim, apart from the check-up itself, was to raise awareness among associates and highlight the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Representatives from Vivian Corporation offered Westin associates blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring, as well as professional advice to help them lead a better and healthier lifestyle.


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