In President Emmanuel Mac­ron’s words regarding Brexit, the British were sold a lie. The people had been manipulated into voting for something that did not actually exist. The first losers are the British people.

This is a striking example of a probable situation resulting from one voting without being knowledgeable of what one is deciding on. Absence of evaluation prior to casting one’s vote can equally lead to supporting one side and not the other for the wrong reasons and, therefore, not without repercussions.

This is precisely why Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia is constantly accentuating the need to use the vote responsibly if one seriously wants to fight corruption, for instance. It is a fact that corruption has a price and this price is paid by the people, particularly the vulnerable. When one believes in solidarity and a caring society one aims at a better quality of life for all and not for the few.

A better quality of life demands sustainable economic growth and development and meritocracy, accountability and transparency across the board as opposed to a collapsing democracy where, among others, the function of many of the judiciary is only to rubber-stamp abuse by the powerful as former European Court of Human Rights judge Giovanni Bonello warned the other day.

To focus on our duty to be well-informed before we go to the polls is to focus on an option ensuring the best policies that affect our daily lives positively. In addition to short-term planning, these policies would encompass the carrying capacity concept addressing long-term sustainability.

Responsible voting is vital not only to avert regretting our decisionsbut to safeguard our human dignity within a functioning democracy.


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